Payroll Reports

Take a look at some of our sample reports. See for yourself how we can meet all of your reporting and data-extraction needs!.

Input Worksheet
Our input sheet is preloaded with employee detail and customizable to your most used earnings and deductions; multiple formats are available from lean to robust.

Payroll Checks
State-of-the-art security features; full page attached pay stubs accommodating display of current and year to date earnings and deductions detail; space for company-wide or employee-specific message.

Payroll Register
Recap of payroll check information listed by employee and totaled by department, branch, division, company. We can display current only, or month, quarter, and year-to-date wages and totals.

Payroll Re-Cap
Single page summary of the current pay period detailing tax, payroll totals, and banking requirements.

Tax Report
Federal, state and local taxable wages, rates, taxes calculated, and agency IDs for the current payroll.

Check Recon
Check numbers and net pays, including direct-deposited amounts for each payroll or for the month. Employee names are suppressed for security or displayed for convenience.

Labor Distribution
Earnings, deductions, and employer taxes are detailed by department, branch, division, and company for any time period. Includes cross year reporting.

Payroll Calendar
Payroll processing dates, check dates, bank and service bureau holidays are displayed for the current year and updated annually.

Benefits Summary
Accurate list of benefit expenses paid by the employer on behalf of their employee: insurance, phone/auto, unemployment taxes, employer FICA, workman’s compensation, 401(k) match and more. One page per employee and a very handy piece of information when discussing raises or benefits with your staff.

Certified Payroll
For municipal and government contracts we offer our certified payroll report. It properly reflects all required information and is signature ready.

Check Sign-Off
Payroll check distribution tracker shows employee name, check number, check date, and optional net pay amounts.

Chicago Head-Tax
Proper payment calculation report for mandated Chicago employers makes filing the required Chicago Head Tax Report easy to do.

General Ledger
Posting summary for the pay period, month, or quarter; earnings and deductions mapped to your company’s GL account numbers; electronic import to accounting programs such as Quick Books and more.

Involuntary Deductions
Court-mandated employees’ obligations are withheld for the current pay period, and reflected on this report.

Job Costing
Tracking of hours, wages and taxes allocated to specific jobs displayed by job numbers and/or names.

Payroll History
Cumulative pay-by-pay history for each employee check from gross to net, provided quarterly or upon request.

Pension Plan
Employee contributions, employer match, loan payment, individual account numbers, and plan number displayed and transmitted, when applicable, to your third party administrator.

Restaurant Suite

Time-Off Accrual
Employee used and available vacation, sick and personal time; also displayed on individual pay stubs.

Completely customizable summary reports custom built per union requirements.

Worker's Compensation
Accurate plan year/date range, excludes overtime premium, subtotals by department, or workman’s comp code including employer modification rate for a fully audit-ready report.

Many other reports are also available and we would be glad to discuss any information that you or your accountant may need.

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