Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing
Each pay period we calculate employees’ gross-to-net pay, provide checks and/or direct deposits and management reports showing all pertinent taxes and deductions. Our system can accommodate unlimited earnings and deductions.

You can call, fax, key, or import your payroll information to us. Our technology allows you to "instantly" preview your payroll before releasing it to us for processing. Yes, "instantly!"

Check Signing
The digitized signature of your authorized company representative can be inserted on each payroll check that is not direct-deposited. This eliminates the potential risks of a signature stamp and speeds up the check distribution process.

Check Insertion
All paychecks and/or direct deposit vouchers and wage summaries can be inserted and sealed in individual envelopes, preventing unauthorized eyes from viewing confidential information. The checks/envelopes are delivered to you, ready for distribution.

Direct Deposit
Employees may choose all or any portion of their net pay to be deposited directly into as many personal accounts as they wish, via the ACH (Automated Clearing House).


Tax Filing
With our tax filing service, your company’s federal, state and local payroll taxes will be calculated, debited and deposited to the appropriate taxing agencies on time. We prepare, file and provide you with all quarter and year-end returns while functioning as your reporting agent. This allows us to respond to any government payroll and tax inquiries, as your advocate.

Quarter and Year-End Filing
All Quarterly Payroll Tax Returns including the Federal 941, and any state payroll tax returns are filed on your behalf according to the taxing agency requirements. W-2s are prepared and delivered to you for distribution to your employees, while W-3’s and 1099s are prepared and filed as required. Any or all of these returns, including the W-2s and 1099s can be delivered on paper, CD, electronically, or emailed to you and your accountant.

On-Line Access

On-Line Access
For customers who want to be responsible for keying in their own payroll, we offer our remote and web-based products. Imagine keying in your payroll on your laptop, while on the go.You can enter your data through a web browser or our windows application, then preview your payroll, and print reports from anywhere.


Keep up-to-date with our proactive emails and notifications. From "Payroll Reminders" to alerts and latest-news emails, we can help streamline your payroll activities as well as keep you informed about important changes in the industry.

Restaurant Suite
Restaurants are a specialty for us. Unlike our competitors, we offer specific reports to meet your industry's needs and, we have the expertise to explain each one of them. We offer a variety of reports, ranging from Tip-tax shortfall and 45B FICA Tip Tax Credit, to Form 8027 Tip Allocation and Check sign-off sheets, and more.

Official Payroll Checks (OPC) Our OPC service allows you to run your paychecks through our Official Payroll Account. A single debit is your only net pay reconciliation item for each pay period, eliminating extra bank statements and fees. Our OPC file informs your bank about what checks were printed and your bank keeps a record of which checks have cleared. This added security feature keeps people from attempting to use fraudulent copies of the same check from being cashed at multiple bank locations.

3rd Party Solutions Amounts are calculated in payroll, then forwarded to you for payment. But we can do so much more than that. PayvilleUSA can transmit payments to 3rd-parties according to their mandated methods for items such as garnishments, child support cases and more. We can even produce custom files and transmissions for benefit administrations like 401k, Insurance and more. These file transmissions can even include email notifications to you, as well as other parties involved.

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