H/R and Workforce Management

H/R and Benefits Enrollment on the Web!

Our Evolution H/R product now gives you the ability to track and report on vital employee information, performance reviews, benefits, skills, OSHA-mandated injury reporting and much more. Payroll and Human Resources now share a common database! No more duplicate entry or clumsy import protocol. The on-board integrated report writer is an extremely powerful, yet easy-to-use H/R Management tool that makes it simple to meet compliance regulations of both State and Federal agencies, while giving you the ability to consolidate valuable internal organizational data.

Harness your employee data with our Evolution H/R! Enhance and simplify the management of your company’s most valuable resource, your employees. For years, Payroll and Human Resources systems operated exclusively of each other, with multiple databases that required duplicate entry or complicated and unreliable imports to consolidate information. Today, integration is critical to maintaining a reliable Human Resources Information System. With Payville's Payroll and Human Resources system sharing a single database, all the information is organically in the same place. Time-wasting and inefficient steps are no longer necessary. Now you can easily manage the tracking of employee information, performance reviews, benefits, skills, injuries, and much more. Payville's Evolution H/R Applicant Tracking allows you to more easily manage employee requisition and maximize retention by accurately managing positional requirements, employee skills and goals. With easy access to both internal and external candidates, fill your open positions faster and more effectively.

These customized tools have been designed specifically to help you minimize risk by staying on top of vital H/R record keeping and maintaining compliance with governmental agencies. Save labor and minimize risk by putting extensive critical employee information at your fingertips!

Our Evolution Benefits with Employee Self-Service Portal gives you a powerful tool to eliminate the challenges of benefit enrollment. Employees can access their Benefits and Enrollment Status and easily communicate with your H/R department with questions about benefits and rates. Employees can view a summary of their benefits and rates. The Benefit Window provides easy-to-follow instructions to verify and update their personal information, assuring accurate dependent and emergency contact information. Determining factors like age, employee classification, state of residence, and waiting periods can be embedded into the process. This way, the employee can easily see their choices and accept or decline offerings with all of the supporting information at hand.

125 Premium Only Plan (POP)

Sometimes referred to as "POP", these plans reduce your income tax liabilities for both the employer and employee.

  • Click [HERE] to learn more about Section 125 Premium Only Plans.

Unemployment Compensation

This is another payroll tax that you have some control over. We all know that the key to low unemployment experience rate starts with smart hiring practices. But after that, three things need to happen. First, how you terminate an employee may need work. Second, you must contest the claims timely and with the right language and wording. Third, audit your unemployment charges annually.

You can add this to your to-do list or you can call us at PayvilleUSA and we will be glad to make sure your state unemployment rate will be just as low as possible.

Employee Poral ( Self-Serve )

Eliminate your employees asking for copies of check stubs or W2’s. Our employee self serve provides twenty four hour on-line access to any checks or W2’s that we issued to your employees.


If your are having trouble keeping up with laws requiring you to post most current labor rules, we can automatically send you new and current posters when the laws change.

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