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We're Going Green

Why waste paper when you can receive electronic versions of the following... (and more!)

If you like the control of keying your own payroll, but don’t like waiting until you get your payroll back to see if it's what you expected, we have a feature for you... Payroll Preview! After you key your payroll, just hit the preview button and get all your totals, reports, whatever you need to feel satisfied that you have a perfect payroll. If something is not right just go back into your payroll, fix it and preview it again. If it’s just the way you want it, hit submit and walk away knowing that your payroll is accurate.

If you want our “green” solution or or want to reduce physical storage of paperwork and protect your sensitive data, then our paperless solution is for you. All reports can be delivered in several electronic formats and direct-deposit can be used instead of physical payroll checks.

Rather than printing pay-stubs and taking the time to hand them out to employees, or putting them in the mail to out-of-state employees, take it to the next level and use our E-Stubs service to email those pay-stubs directly to your employees for each payroll. That’s one less job on your to-do list, every payroll.

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