In today’s interconnected world of technology, data, e-mails, images and documents have become common-place in our daily life. At Payville USA, it’s the way we do business. If you want the traditional courier service to drop off printed checks and reports... no problem. However, if you prefer to "go green", with less paper and manual deliveries, we can do that, too.

Push vs. Pull Technology

As we see it, the difference between Payville USA and other payroll companies is PUSH-vs-PULL technology. Other competitors demand that you PULL your data from their websites. For example: Let’s say you ( and your accountant ) want certain payroll reports every week. This means that you have to visit their website, log in, and find your company data from various lists for various date ranges. Then you have to run the reports that you're looking for, save or export them to your desktop.

We think that's too much work for most people. Wouldn’t you rather check your e-mail, as usual, and have your reports sent to you as an attachment? That's what we call "PUSH" technology. We send you the data that you're looking for, and you're done. It's that simple.

We realize that you aren't the only person who needs your data. With that in mind, we offer a variety of delivery methods for paper reports or electronic data.

We Can Deliver to You...

Many companies receive paper copies of their payroll reports to locate an important financial number or two, and then file the rest of the reports away for later use. Aside from the paper reports, many of our customers also like receiving electronic reports via email from us, as simple attachments. Filing your reports is as easy as saving an attachment to a folder you have made on your desktop. Now that's easy filing!

...To Your Employees

We all are familiar with direct deposit and many of your employees may currently have their check deposited to one or several bank accounts. However, if your spend too much time distributing their pay stubs or even having to mail them to satellite employees, we can push an electronic copy of their paystub to them, for each employee on every payday.

...To Your Accountant or CPA

Tired of manually making photo copies of your reports and mailing them to your accountant each week or month? We can email your accountant the same (or even different) reports in the same way we send them to you. Paper reports may also be mailed directly from our office to your accountant, to save you time as well.

...To Your Benefits Provider

We specialize in creating relationships with many types of benefits administration companies. Whatever your needs are, we are happy to build a solution that transmits and reconciles your payroll data with your benefits administration company. Whether your data needs to be automatically transmitted with email notifications, encryption, compression, or even custom file transmission solutions - we're here to help solve your toughest needs.

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