Data Entry

Evolution Classic - Remote Client

The perfect solution for the "power-user". Functionality, flexibility and, of course, POWER. Key your own payroll, import data, verify accuracy, print on-demand reports and much, much more.

  • Click [HERE] to view a demo of our "Evolution Classic" Remote Software.

Evolution HCM - Web Client

We're very excited to announce a full-blown, web-based, software package that is light, fast and flexible. With this new product, you can key in your payroll from various devices like smart-phones, computers, tablets and more.

  • Click [HERE] to view a demo of our "Evolution HCM" Web Software.

Fax Payroll

Although still a popular method, you can submit a payroll to us using an Input Worksheet and a fax machine. This gives you flexibility and saves you time. It's also a great solution if your internet or computer is down.

Call-In Payroll

This tried-and-true method is still available, if you prefer to call-in your payroll to your customer service rep, at your convenience.

Call-Out Payroll

In this scenario, your assigned customer service rep will contact you, by phone, using your payroll scheduled dates.

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