Internet Speed Test

Most applications utilize the Internet as the backbone to transmit data to and from a service provider. Occasionally it may help you to know exactly how 'good' your internet connection and/or speed is... in REALITY.

In some scenarios, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) MAY have sold you something that isn't quite as good as they promised, while in other cases you might have too many people in your office uploading or downloading too much data simultaneously.

To add to the complexity of the problem, YOUR internet provider may be different from OUR internet provider. So technically there could be multiple connections between your computer equipment and ours.

With this in mind, we recommend that you test your internet connection and speed before contacting our support department. Using this tool can reveal potential problems with YOUR OWN internet connection... and may require that you either contact your internet service or upgrade your service to handle your needs as you grow.

Click on the Image to visit the site,...

Then Click on the [Begin Test] button to test out YOUR internet connection speed.

It may take a few moments, but afterwards the test will reveal your upload and download speeds for the moment you are running the test. Keep in mind that many things affect your internet speed, such as:

  • Connection Type ( DSL, EOC, Cable, Fiber etc... )
  • Number of users on your internet/intranet connection
  • Type of usage at any given time, i.e., downloading songs, music, videos, radio or other large content.
  • Bandwidth throttling by your internet provider or internet equipment.
  • Viruses, malware, ad-ware and any other types of software that can bloat and slow your connection.

Speak with your network administrator or computer consultants for more advice, if you feel that your internet connection is slow.

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