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Navigating through your responsibilities when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), can be complex and, let's admit it, down-right alarming. We are here to tell you that Payville USA is your answer!

We offer a comprehensive ACA Solution Package that will ensure you have the information, documentation, reports and filing necessary, to remain compliant with the Affordable Care Act and the IRS.

Where Do I Start ?

What We Need From You

Please use the following steps to obtain and submit information to Payville USA, so that we may begin processing your ACA information.

  1. Click [HERE] to Download the Health Care Plan Information document.
  2. Click [HERE] to Download the ACA Solutions Agreement document.
  3. Return these Documents via [Email] or fax (630) 963-9915 to Payville USA
  4. Please review our knowledge-base article for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  5. If you have received an email from us requesting that you fill out an "Employee Information Worksheet" regarding the IRS Form 1095-C, then Click [HERE], to watch an instructional video on how to fill out that worksheet.

Our ACA Solution Package Includes

  • ACA Informational Webinars provided by certified human resource professionals
  • Access to the on-line H/R support center resource, located [Here]
  • H/R Support Program On-Demand (HROD): a 24/7 email and phone service, supported by certified H/R Specialists
  • An assigned Client Implementation Coordinator to ensure all the necessary information is collected
  • A comprehensive suite of ACA Reports
  • Full preparation and filing of required 1094/1095 C forms with the IRS
  • By request, full preparation and filing of the required Forms-1094/1095-B with the IRS

  • 1. Form-1094c

  • 2. Form-1095c

  • 3. Reports

  • 4. Opting-Out

  • 5. Links

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